News & Updates sent October 15, 2021

Posted on October 15th, 2021

We’re nearing the end of our first week using our new ctcLink system. This has been the culmination of years of work preparing and training for go-live. Now that it’s here, everyone is troubleshooting, exploring, and becoming more familiar with ctcLink.

The good news is that things appear to be working correctly overall. Where there are issues, they are being reported and addressed with our SBCTC partners. We appreciate how everyone has approached this transition with patience and a generous attitude focused on problem-solving. We hope you see the potential in ctcLink and how it is a step forward even if it is different than our legacy systems.

ctcLink TO DO LIST

  • Important Timeline: Supervisors should review and approve all employee time and absence requests by 3pm TODAY (10/15). To ensure that all timecards are approved, please check your Manager Self Service throughout the day Friday and one last time late Saturday afternoon.
  • Visit the IT Helpdesk open Zoom room on Friday (9 am to 4 pm) with any last-minute questions.
  • Go beyond the Tiles: Not all the tools in ctcLink have their own Tile. Some need to be reached through the NavBar.
ctcLink Navbar
  • Please use a quick-reference-guide to check the navigation path before requesting a security change.
  • ctcLink Security Change Requests: please contact the IT Helpdesk at or by phone: 360-416-7766.


  • Emails generated from ctcLink have intermittently landed in recipients’ junk mail folders. Please don’t rely on these emails to remind you about timecards. As noted above, we suggest you check your Manager Self Service over the weekend for pending approvals.
  • If you do receive any in ctcLink emails in your junk folder, please mark them as not junk to help “train” Outlook to deliver to your inbox. Contact the IT Helpdesk if you need help.


Please see the Business Office Portal, CtcLink Documents & Information, for the crosswalk of our Legacy Budget Account Codes to the new ctcLink chart string. We will continue to update this document over the next few weeks as we finalize the setup of our Grants into ctcLink.

  • Budgets – The Budgeting Office is working to get our 2021-22 Budget uploaded into ctcLink. We hope to have this completed in the next week.
  • We are also working on developing easy to use reporting tools to replace the functionality in FMSQuery. More information to come from the Budgeting Office.


Payroll Processing
Our payroll team will process the first payroll in ctcLink.

Winter Course Schedule
Review of Winter Course Schedule and enrollment requirements (aka prerequisites) in preparation for Winter Quarter registration.

The project team will continue to review information in preparation of processing end of term grades.


  • Employee How-Tos: We’ve developed a web page with employee self-service tutorials and help resources. Topics range from updating your personal employee information to time and leave reporting. Please visit the Employee Self-Service Tutorials and Help Resources web page for step-by-step tutorials and guides.
  • Archive of Emails, Updates, and Messages about ctcLink: the various emails, updates, and messages about ctcLink are archived on the ctcLink Updates web page. Messages to students are also included. If you want to make sure you haven’t missed something or you don’t want to go searching through your email, this web page may be helpful to you.


On Monday, October 25, our students begin activating their accounts and preparing for registration, which is planned to begin on November 3.


Thanks to everyone involved in the preparations for bringing our students on board. We know this week has been challenging, exhilarating, and maybe a bit draining. Please take some time this weekend to recharge as the novelty of the new system and the initial adrenaline rush begins to wane. It will be important to approach next few weeks with our best positive energy in order to help our students make the transition to ctcLink.

The ctcLink Cardinal has landed. Now we need to learn how to fly!