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Activate your ctcLink Account Guide

Important: When you activate your ctcLink account, do not click OK in the pop-up window until after you’ve written down or taken a screenshot of your ctcLink ID number.  If you forget your ctcLink ID number, you can look it up on the legacy toolbox here (if you have a legacy SID and PIN.)

ctcLink provides you with a centralized system to conduct your college business. This system combines student information in a single data set to allow more self-service options and to improve the experience if you are looking to transfer to or from other community and technical colleges within the state.

Your ctcLink account gives you access to the following applications:

  • Manage Classes Enrollments: Class Enrollments and registrations
  • Financial Aid: Manage financial aid awards and applications.
  • Academic Records: View past classes with grades and get unofficial transcripts.
  • Profile: View or update personal information.

Using the new online student center, you can do the following 24/7 from your mobile device, laptop, or home computer:

  • View or update your student information and manage personal contact info.
  • Register for classes, add, and drop.
  • Pay tuition and fees and handle financial aid processes.
  • View grades, track academic goals, and apply for graduation.
  • Register for specific courses that apply to remaining program requirements.

With your ctcLink ID, you have one login to access your information at Skagit Valley College as well as at all Washington community and technical colleges. If you transfer in from or out to another community or technical college in Washington state, you will be able to use that same ID to access your information, which will follow you.

Registration Tips

We’ve developed a list of important tips that will help you get the most out of ctcLink when enrolling in classes:

The video below offers a basic overview of the ctcLink Student Homepage where you can access and update your student information, including viewing Financial Aid awards, updating contact information, paying tuition, registering for classes, and many other tasks.

Student Center video overview

One exciting feature of ctcLink is the app you can use on your mobile devices. Search the app store (iPhone) or play store (Android) on your mobile device for “ctcLink” to download and install this free app today. Note: You must activate your ctcLink account before using the mobile app or its web-based version.  See the link at the top of the page for the activation guide.

Below is a preview of the updated mobile student center: 

Information Still Available to Students in Legacy Systems

Unofficial Transcript

You can still view your unofficial transcript in our legacy systems using your old SID and PIN here.
Note: If you are not a currently enrolled student and only need to retrieve an unofficial student transcript, you do not need to activate your ctcLink account before accessing your unofficial transcript.

2021-2022 Financial Aid Information

You can still access your financial aid information for Fall 2021 and Winter and Spring 2022 through SVC’s Financial Aid Portal here.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Students web page.

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