On Monday, October 11, 2021, Skagit Valley College moved to a new data system called ctcLink. ctcLink replaced decades-old student data, employee, and business systems. It is a PeopleSoft enterprise resource planning system that integrates data at Skagit Valley College, and across the state’s community and technical college system.

Learn more about this statewide project at ctcLink Connect.

Background Information

Our move is part of the Washington Community and Technical College System’s statewide project to upgrade the information systems at all 34 community and technical colleges. All colleges have begul using the system, but we are in various stages of implementation.

The move to ctcLink is led by the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) project team. They work with each district to bring them into the system. ctcLink is also how SBCTC has purchased and configured Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, Finance, and Human Capital Management pillars to work together. 

Refer to the menu for additional information about ctclink including frequently asked questions (FAQ), how ctcLink will integrate with other existing information systems we use (like Canvas, TargetX, 25Live, etc.), and other informational resources.

Learn more at ctcLink Project news and updates.

Governance structure

ctcLink is a big, statewide system with many global configuration choices that have been made for all college users. There is a formal governance process to manage how the global configuration is set up and improved over time.

The ctcLink project is led by the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges. Skagit Valley College has a ctcLink project team and a local steering committee to guide our implementation.