News & Updates sent October 13, 2021

Posted on October 13th, 2021

Skagit Valley College employees have a limited amount of time to have timesheets submitted and approved for the Oct. 1 – Oct. 15 pay period. Timesheets are due for overtime-eligible exempt, classified, hourly, and student workers by Friday, Oct. 15. Any absence requests for this period are also due for all employees. Therefore, it is critical that timesheets are submitted early in case there are questions.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

  • Classified, hourly, and student employees: make sure you’ve activated your account, and have a plan for submitting timesheets by Friday, Oct. 15.
  • Managers: check in with your overtime-eligible exempt, classified, hourly, and student employees regarding account activation and timesheets.  Approve timesheets and absence requests by Friday, Oct. 15.
  • Faculty are invited to activate their ctcLink accounts for absence reporting.
  • Exempt employees that had to enter time worked in TLR (overtime eligible) will continue to do so in ctcLink.  If you did not have to enter time worked in TLR, you don’t have to in ctcLink, either. All exempt employees will still need to submit absences they have taken.

Timesheet Step-by-Step Guides for Employees

Student Employees May Activate Their Accounts Now
Supervisors of student employees are asked to encourage their student workers to activate their ctcLink account this week. They will want to submit any time worked between Oct. 1 – Oct. 15 so that they can get paid in the next payroll. The account activation process is the same for student employees as all employees. 

Note: Student employees who activate their accounts this week as employees will also see (and activate) their student self-service. This is normal. All other students will be invited to activate their ctcLink account starting Monday, October 25.

How To Get Help
If you encounter technical problems while trying to activate your account or submit your timesheet, please contact the IT Helpdesk at or by phone: 360-416-7766. We have an open drop-in help session Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9am – 4pm via Zoom.

Additional Note
Anyone working under a “Volunteer” status was not converted in ctcLink and won’t have access to ctcLink right now. Volunteers that need access to ctcLink to do their job can be added next week. Any other volunteers that need access to ctcLink but is not critical at this time will be added at future date to be determined.